Project Overview

LEGACY SITE: This site contains iNAPS deliverables from the 2010-2014 grant. 


The SAMHSA-funded Recovery to Practice (RTP) initiative includes two complementary components:

  • Recovery‐oriented training materials for the identified mental health professions.
  • Resource Center for all mental health professionals complete with recovery-oriented web‐based and print materials, training, and technical assistance for professionals engaged in the transformation process.


The Recovery to Practice project was created for more than those who provide peer support services; it was created for all of the professions involved in the delivery of mental health and behavioral health care. 

Through these two major components (training materials and recovery resources), the RTP project aims to foster a better understanding of recovery, recovery‐oriented practices, and the roles of the various professions in promoting recovery.

More about the Recovery to Practice training program for working peer specialists can be found in the Curriculum section of this site.

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