Discussion 8: Recovery Relationships

This is a discussion page about Module 8: Recovery Relationships.

After reading the workbook module, post your comments or reflections in the comment field below and respond to the comments made by others.


Feel free to add any recommended resources you have found in your own journey related to this topic.

3 thoughts on “Discussion 8: Recovery Relationships

  1. Just a very general comment about choosing the right timing and audience when a Peer decides to disclose their recovery journey. I believe you can never place enough importance on this topic. I have been in recovery from addiction for over 26 years now and 3 years recovering from mental illness. In that time I have witnessed more than a few Peers create some pretty significant setbacks for themselves because they were so excited to be on a path to recovery they just couldn’t “not” talk about themselves to anybody who would listen. In my opinion a Peer Support Specialist should always be ready to point out to their Peers that though they may be very comfortable discussing their illness, unfortunately, the stigmas about mental illness are still out there and there are times when it would serve a Peer best to keep it to themselves at least until they have thought it through at length. “Who, When, Where and Why? When answering those 4 questions, with the Peer’s recovery having the highest priority, Peers may be able to make better decisions. Being able to talk about your illness openly and without fear of judgement is a blessing. It smooths the journey. Don’t let it be the reason for your fall.

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