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LEGACY SITE: This site contains iNAPS deliverables from the 2010-2014 grant. 

Peer Support Services 

In 2009, the National Association of Peer Specialists (NAPS) received a contract to develop a recovery training curriculum for working peer specialists under the SAMSHA-funded Recovery to Practice Project. Since that time, NAPS Executive Director Steve Harrington has served as the project director for the peer support provider discipline.

In 2013, NAPS was renamed the International Association of Peer Supporters, now iNAPS.


Supporting these efforts, project partner Lisa Goodale from the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) and peer consultants Lyn Legiere, Rita Cronise, Chacku Mathai, Jim McNulty, Steve Kiosk, Deidra Dain, Maria Restrepo-Torro, and Joe Lunievicz. And peers from across the country provided abundant input during the analysis and contributed to the development and delivery efforts!

The participant workbook  is now available online and provides a foundation for the highly interactive in-person experience for providers of peer support services.

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