Recovery to Practice

LEGACY SITE: This site contains iNAPS deliverables from the 2010-2014 grant. 

Recovery to Practice is a
SAMHSA-Funded Project to bring recovery principles into behavioral healthcare.  

larrydavidson (2)“Recovery-oriented practices are based on an appreciation of each person’s right to determine, to author, his or her own life [and of] the central role that choice plays in defining who and what we are …       Implementing high-quality and effective psychiatric rehabilitation and other evidence-based practices is not enough to accomplish transformation if the status and role of people in recovery is not also dramatically transformed from that of a passive ‘mental patient’ to that of an empowered citizen.” — Recovery to Practice Project Director Larry Davidson. Ph.D.

Project  Overview

Joint Working Statement

Project News

As one of the professional associations awarded a contract under Recovery to Practice, iNAPS has created an innovative and collaborative continuing education curriculum for experienced peer support providers….

Recovery to Practice
Next Steps
Continuing Education for 
Peer Support Providers

RTP Video Cover

Four Part Video Series:
Implementing Peers in the Workplace

Excerpt 1 – 1:00 min. (Definition of Peer Supporter)

Excerpt 2 – 3:00 min. (Job Descriptions and Titles)

Module 1:
Peer Support and an Overview of the Recovery to Practice Training  

Module 2:

Description and Roles of the Peer Supporter

Module 3:

Integration of the Medical and Recovery Models Through Peer Support  

Module 4:

Issues that Help and Hinder Implementation 

Webinar – Broadcast on April 25, 2014
A Guided Tour of the iNAPS Recovery to Practice training materials and Collaborative Learning philosophy

Visit the Curriculum page for more about this new continuing education opportunity for experienced peer support providers.

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