Recovery to Practice

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“Recovery-oriented practices are based on an appreciation of each person’s right to determine, to author, his or her own life [and of] the central role that choice plays in defining who and what we are …       Implementing high-quality and effective psychiatric rehabilitation and other evidence-based practices is not enough to accomplish transformation if the status and role of people in recovery is not also dramatically transformed from that of a passive ‘mental patient’ to that of an empowered citizen.”

– RTP Project Director Larry Davidson.PhD

Overview of the Recovery to Practice Project

Recovery to Practice training for providers of peer support services…


In 2009 the International Association of Peer Supporters (formerly NAPS) was awarded a contract under the SAMHSA-funded Recovery to Practice project to conduct an analysis of the current state of the peer specialist profession and areas where peer specialists could benefit from additional training.

The training was designed for “working” peer support providers (both employees and volunteers), who had completed a basic training and had on-the-job experience who were looking for additional training in some of the more complex areas of practice. The training has been developed, pilot tested, and released as a combination self-paced workbook and in-person (facilitated) collaborative learning experience for working providers of peer support services.

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